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What is the internet?

When we say the internet, colloquially, we actually talk about the world wide web. A part of the internet, comprised of websites that can be connected between each other.

Their connection acts as an expansion. The material you are reading, watching or playing can clearly extend into more than what is in front of your eyes. with just a click, we can tap into the media that another website would bring us.

Therefore, it makes sense that a website is a piece of hypermedia. hyper, as in the greek word for expanding. It's this expandability – these links that make the internet unique.

the fact that we can provide references that are readily accessible makes the traversing through the internet more like walking around a city and gazing at the uniqueness of each building instead of reading a book where each page is sequenced one after another.

Web browsers provide us with a back and forward button to help us return to page we have visited. However, the world wide web has no direction other than the path we carve out during each of our visits.